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Fantastic reasons to get into nature and visit Reflections

  • Extra-special Accommodation

    Extra-special Accommodation

    Reflections Eco Reserve is the perfect get away for anyone wanting a nature holiday. We are situated 4.5 half hours from Cape Town. Our self catering lodge is on a 28 hectare rehabilitated pine plantation and has only 4 chalets to ensure maximum privacy and exclusivity.

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  • Abundant Birdlife

    Abundant Birdlife

    Another of the Winter highlights of the Garden is the annual migration of the Half-collared Kingfishers from the sub tropical Wild Coast to our more temperate area. These large, magnificent Kingfishers are usually found on quiet rivers with entangled, over hanging vegetation from which they plunge dive for their prey.

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  • Off-the-grid Living Experience

    Off-the-grid Living Experience

    All our power is produced by us, we are completely off-grid and use a combined hybrid Wind Turbine-Solar combination to provide us with all our power needs. Our hot water is supplied using Solar geysers, although we do have gas geysers as a back up on days with insufficient sunlight. All our cleaning products are completely bio-degradable and are certified to break down within 6 days of being used. We supply all our own fire wood rather than driving to fetch it and by doing this we assist with the removal of non-indigenous trees.

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  • Exquisite Nature Walks

    Exquisite Nature Walks

    A fairly easy relaxed circular walk that allows for the exploration of some of the most pristine and least explored areas of the Garden Route. It is situated alongside the Rondevlei, a magnificent Ramsar site which offers spectacular bird watching. There are some short uphill sections but they are not too taxing and they have the advantage of taking you through some very attractive patches of forest.

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  • Conservation


    The aim of our reforestation programme is to assist nature in returning this land back to its original state while using the processes of nature to off-set our Carbon Dioxide. Trees assist with the control of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide by incorporating it into their structure. This helps lower the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is influencing climate change.

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