Our Eco-Philosophy

The aim of our reforestation programme is to assist nature in returning this land back to its original state while using the processes of nature to off-set our Carbon Dioxide. Trees assist with the control of atmospheric Carbon Dioxide by incorporating it into their structure. This helps lower the amount of Carbon Dioxide that is influencing climate change.

Large areas of the Garden Route have been swamped by invasive alien tree species. In order to assist in combating this we have cleared 29 hectares of Pine and Wattle trees and have begun planting the indigenous trees that used to occur. These are tree species that need very little water to survive as well as providing far more habitat to birds, insects and mammals. To date we have planted nearly 900 trees on Reflections Eco-Reserve. All our trees are sourced from an  empowerment programme for previously disadvantaged communities. Planting trees benefits animals, humans, our communities and the environment.

If you would like to assist us in our aim to reduce carbon emissions while creating bio-diversity, we would be happy to plant trees on your behalf.

Each tree costs R45

This includes follow up watering as well as any maintenance that is needed. When you consider that 1 tree processes Carbon Dioxide in 18 million cubic metres of air and fixes 2500kg of pure carbon as well as supplying 1 person with oxygen for 20 years, it is a small cost.

To find out more about reforestation and to buy your tree contact