Tree planting

We began a system a short while ago where we invited guests who have stayed with us at Reflections to assist with the planting of trees. The reason behind this was two-fold.The first was that it allows people to contribute towards improving the bio-diversity on the property and the second is that it will encourage people to be aware of the effect’s of the carbon di-oxide generated by travelling here.

We found an empowerment nursery in Sedgefield that grows the types of trees we needed and they agreed to supply us with our trees.The response so far has been amazing and we have just passed the 1000 tree planted. Our most recent donation was from previous guests who, when they arrived home, sent us an amount for 29 trees.

Tarchonanthus littoralis

Tarchonanthus littoralis

When you consider that 1 tree fixes 2500kg carbon dioxide from 18 million cubic metres of air and supplies 1 person with clean air for 20 years, this is an easy way for everyone to help. Each tree in its lifetime will also provide shade, food and a habitat for countless smaller creatures.

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