Introducing HoneyShare - fully managed beehive rentals

Rent your own beehive!

We are excited to announce our latest project – fully managed beehive rentals! If you love honey, Reflections Eco Reserve now offers you the opportunity to become a member of HoneyShare!


Here’s how HoneyShare works:


Your membership will be valid for three years. 

  • We maintain the bees and the hives on our beautiful property in Wilderness on the Garden Route, and you will receive 12 kg of free honey a year. Your honey will be shipped to you twice a year in either 500 g or 1 kg jars.
  • Your membership includes 2 nights’ free accommodation at Reflections Eco Reserve which will provide you with the perfect opportunity to suit up and visit your hive for a one of a kind, hands on experience (except during the period 5-15 January).
  •  We will also be conducting three beekeeping workshops every year. As a member of the Hive, if you attend one of these workshops you will benefit from a 20% discount on accommodation.

10 things you need to know about HoneyShare

  1.  All installation, maintenance, and honey harvesting are handled by Reflections Eco-Reserve.
  2.  Members of HoneyShare are assigned a brood box with a swarm, brood frames, 2 supers with frames and a queen excluder.
  3.  Most of the honey is harvested from December to May, but small harvests can occur periodically.
  4.  Investing in honeybees is a 3-year commitment, renewable for another 3 years and members will receive 12 kg of raw, ultra-local honey from each hive purchased per year.
  5.  Your honey is guaranteed – if weather prevents your bees from producing excess honey, you will receive honey from a nearby hive.
  6.  Your annual rental fee or full upfront payment is based on the number of hives you want us to host.
  7.  You will be able to visit Reflections Eco-Reserve and suit up to get some hands-on experience with your new sweet friends.
  8.  HoneyShare is an ideal opportunity to learn about bees and the important role that these incredible insects play in our lives.
  9.  We send our members monthly updates on what’s happening at HoneyShare.
  10.  We supply all beekeeping equipment but we encourage you to buy your own suit.

Who would benefit from HoneyShare

A HoneyShare is a great no-waste, renewable gift and offers a unique way to experience the fascinating world of beekeeping! HoneyShare makes a great gift for young and old, including:

What are the costs?

A HoneyShare is R7,500 payable in three amounts of R2,500 each year for three years. If you pay the full amount upfront you will benefit from a 10% discount on future accommodation bookings.


For more information, call Tim on +27 (0)71 683 4133 or email