Reflections Eco-Reserve is a conservation project

Rehabilitating the land

Reflections Eco-Reserve is one of the biggest conservation projects on the Garden Route. We have an active land rehabilitation programme in place and the indigenous vegetation is already thriving. Each new season produces new plant highlights and furthers our goal of greater plant diversity. Our aim is to remove non-native vegetation and try to restore the land, as much as possible, to a wild state. We have cleared 42 hectares and planted in excess of 3 500 trees. The resulting increase in birdlife has been phenomenal and we have regular sightings of caracal, bushbuck and bushpig.


Click here to read more about birding on the reserve and see our birdlist.


To ensure we have as low an impact as possible we are completely off-grid. We use only nature-friendly cleaning products and encourage recycling and waste separation by our guests.


The aim of our reforestation programme is to assist nature in returning this land back to its original state while using the processes of nature to off-set our carbon dioxide. Trees assist with the control of atmospheric carbon dioxide, which is influencing climate change, by incorporating it into their structure.


Large areas of the Garden Route have been swamped by invasive alien tree species. In order to assist in combating this we are clearing pine and wattle trees and have begun planting the indigenous trees that used to occur. These are tree species that need very little water to survive as well as providing far more habitat to birds, insects and mammals. To date we have planted nearly more than 3,500 trees on Reflections Eco-Reserve. All our trees are sourced from an empowerment programme for previously disadvantaged communities. Planting trees benefits animals, humans, our communities and the environment.



Conscious off-grid living

Celebrate nature knowing that you are contributing to positive change.


Truly eco-friendly,  Reflections Eco-Reserve is powered by a wind/solar system and is 100% off-grid. With large Lithium ion batteries and 3kva inverters, our chalets work with regular 220v although we recommend that you do not use high voltage appliances.


Solar geysers provide hot water with gas as a backup for prolonged overcast weather.